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Diversity of medicinal plants according to the use of body parts

Various varieties of medicinal plants have been observed in Bangladesh, India, and even throughout South Asia.

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A table has been posted Below to show the medicinal plants according to the scientific name, local Bengali name, family of the plants, parts of plants and the effectiveness of the disease. This list of about 40 species of plants, which is part of my research was published in the website Prankakoli in 2012. [1] Later, during the publication in Rudurrete several plants species were added in the list.[2]

Table: Asian 40 medicinal plants according to the usable parts of the plants.

Serial Local Name Scientific Name Family using part Control Disease name
1 Apang Achyranthes aspera Amaranthaceae whole plant Dysentery, Constipation, piles, Arthritis, Skin disease.
2 Kalomegh Andrographis pariculata Acanthaceae whole plant Metabolic problem, Gastric, Fever, worm killer, Dysentery, Liver Disease, Strengthen.
3 Akand Calotropis procera Asclepiadaceae Root, leaf. Bark flower extract of leaf. Ulcer, Tooth pain chronic dysentery, cold, Asthma,
4 Anantamul Hemidesmus indicus Asclepiadaceae Root and whole plant Strength increaser, apetiser. Arthritis, Diabetes.
5 Arjun Terminalia arjuna Combretaceae Bark Heart disease, Diarrhea, piles, Tuberculosis.
6 Ulatkambal Abroma augusta Sterculiaceae Root, Bark & Leaf. Vaginal pain sexual disease.
7 Ghritakumari Aloe  vera Liliaceae Extract of leaf Headache, sexual disease, metabolic problem. Fever.
8 Thankuni Centella asiatica Apiaceae whole plant Metabolic problem, pain killer Diabetics, Ulcer, chronic dysentery, Anti Coughing.
9 Telakucha Eoccinia cordifolia Cucarbitace leaf and root Diabetics,  cold, appetizer, Ulcer control etc.
10 Keshraj Eclipta Prostrata Asteraceae whole plant Headache cold, control of hair losing
11 Kulekhara Hygrophilla schulli Acanthaceac Leaf, Seed, Steam Control of anger, Liver disease, Ulcer, bleeding, removal of stone from kidney.
12 Gandhavadali Paedaria foetida Rubiaceae Leaf Dysentery, metabolic disorder, cold. Arthritis.
13 Dhutara Datura metal Solanaceac Root, Leaf, Seed. Pain killer worn killer, poisonous
14 Bohera Terminalia belerica Combretaceae Fruit Constipation, Diarrhea, fever, cough, piles, Gastric, Heart disease.
15 Dadmardan Cassia alata Fabaceae Leaf Skin disease, poisonous.
16 Pudina Mentha viridis Lebiatae whole plant Metabolic disorder, Gastric.
17 Basak Adhatoda vasica Acanthaceace Leaf, roots of plant Cough, asthma, tuberculosis, cold, blood refine.
18 Jashthimadhu Hydrangea arborescons Saxifrazaceac Leaf, flower and fruit Liver disease, adrenal peptic Ulcer, hormonal disease, cold, throat pain.
19 Brahmishak Becopa moniera  Scrophulariaceae  leaf  Heart disease, nurval pressure, Asthma.
 20 Sharpagandha Rauvolfia Serpentina  Apocynaceae  leaf and root  Blood Pressure, brain abnormal, dysentery diarrhea pain killer.
21 Kurchi Holarrhena pubescens Apocynaceae Bark & Seed Diarrhea, dysentery, worm killer constipation, intestinal weakness.
22 Nim Azadirachta indica Meliaceae Root, leaf Bark Skin disease, worm killer Arthritis, Insecticide, Anti vomiting, Tooth disease, Jaundice etc. Antiviral.
23 Ulatchandal Gloriosa superba Liliaceae Leaf and Steam Arthritis Adrenals peptic, ulcer.
24 Shatamuli Asparagus racemosus Liliaceae leaf and root Fever, dysentery Diabetics.
25 Bel Aegle marmelos Rutaceace fruit Dysentery, Diarrhoea.
26 Anaros Ananas comosus Bromeliaceae fruit and leaf Jaundice
27 Jam Syzygium cumini Myrtaceae fruit and seed Diabetics, Dysentery.
28 Asamlata Mikania scandens Compositae leaf Bleeding control, Dysentery, Daud etc.
29 Nishinda Vitex negundo Verbenaceae root and leaf Asthma, Arthritis, fever etc.
30 Durba Cynodon dactylon Grominae leaf Blood bleeding control. skin disease.
31 Shingara Trapa natans Onagraceae  fruit Abdominal pain, gallbladder irritation, dysentery, loss of memory, urine off.
32 Nil Aparajita Clitoria ternatea Fabaceae whole plant swoon, chronic pain, goitre, aphonia, dry cough, migraine, scabby scabies.
 33 Jayanti Sesbania sesban Fabaceae leaf, branch, seed, root, Nose water, nose closure, catarrh, arthritis, turnaround fever, chronic pain,Contraceptive pregnancy.
34 Ashatha Ficus religiosa Moraceae leaf, bark, root Arthritis in blood, sensitivityless, mouth sore, ear infection.
35 Ashok Saraca asoca Fabaceae bark, seed, Neurological arthritis, heart-problem, scurvy, blood-stained, insect bite.
36 Chatim Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae bark, Glue, flowers, Leprosy, dental problems, asthma, lack of milk, flux, strangulation, respiration, fever.
37 Helencha Enhydra fluctuans Asteraceae Stem, leaves, spinach Scabies, itching, tasteless, arthritis, prickly heat.
38 Olkachu Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Araceae Bulb, stem Constipation, rheumatic arthritis, indigestion, dying child birth, cough tendency.
 39  Bot
Ficus benghlensis Moraceae  stem, leaf, root
Dysentery, fat, boil.

তথ্যসূত্র ও টিকা:

১. Sadi, Anup. “Medicinal plants of Bangladesh.” Prankakoli, Anup Sadi, 24 Dec. 2012, A detailed study on the Diversity of Medicinal Plants and their Commercial Uses in Bangladesh

২. আয়ূর্বেদাচার্য শিবকালী ভট্রচার্য: চিরঞ্জীব বনৌষধি‘ খন্ড ২, আনন্দ পাবলিশার্স প্রাইভেট লিমিটেড, কলকাতা, প্রথম প্রকাশ ১৩৮৪, পৃষ্ঠা, ভূমিকাংশ ১৫-১৬।

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