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List of Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh

People are using medicinal plants to treat their different diseases since ancient times. The use of herbal plants is increasing day by day. People are preparing cosmetics including medicines from plants. Bangladesh is no exception to commercial interests on this issues. More than 80 percent of Bangladeshi people live in rural areas. People living in rural areas have been using medicinal herbs for their primary health care. Near About 6500 plant species are found in Bangladesh. Many of them have medicinal and herbal supplements.

In fact, many plants have medicinal herbs, although we do not have accurate statistics about it, almost one-fifth of the plants are expected to have these medicinal properties. Bangladesh National Herbarium (BNH) first created a list of the use of 192 herbal plants species of this country. Subsequently, a pictorial book published by Bangladesh National Herbarium on 700 plants species used by the local population living in the Chittagong Hill Tracts region. In this article, we are presenting the illustrated names alphabetically of several significant herbal plants. Total 681 plant lists were included by the BNH publication, and we included some other species from our point of view.

Table 01: Alphabet: A 


Sl no Common Name Scientific Name Family
1 Ornamental okra Abelmoschus moschatus Malvaceae
2 Devil’s cotton Abroma augusta Sterculiaceae
3 crab’s eye creeper Abrus precatorius Fabaceae
4 black catechu Acacia catechu Mimosaceae
5   Acacia concinna Mimosaceae
6 Sweet acacia Acacia farnesiana Mimosaceae
7 Prickly chaff flower Achyranthes aspera Amaranthaceae
8  Sweet flag Acorus calamus Araceae
9 Nilgiri Actephila Actephila excelsa Euphorbiaceae
10 Daoluanyehuangrounan Actinodaphne obovata Lauraceae
11 Giant bulrush Actinoscirpus grossus Cyperaceae
12   Adenia trilobata Passifloraceae
13 sprkka Adenosma indianum Asteraceae
14 Malabar nut Adhatoda zeylanica Acanthaceae
15 walking maidenhair fern Adiantum philippense Adiantaceae
16 forest ghost flower Aeginetia indica Orobancaceae
17 wood apple Aegle marmelos Rutaceae
18 billygoat-weed Ageratum conyzoides Asteraceae
19 Aglaonema hookerianum Araceae
20 China siris Albizia chinensis Mimosaceae
21 Potka Siris Albizia lucidior Mimosaceae
22 white siris Albizia procera Mimosaceae
23 golden trumpet Allamanda cathartica Apocynaceae
24 common onion Allium cepa Liliaceae
25 Garlic Allium sativum Liliaceae
26 titberry Allophyllus cobbe var. villosa Sapindaceae
27 Upright Elephant Ear Alocasia acuminata Araceae
28 hooded dwarf elephant ear Alocasia cucullata Araceae
29 giant taro Alocasia macrorrhizos Araceae
30 Upright Elephant Ear Alocasia navicularis Araceae
31 Aloe vera Aloe vera Liliaceae
32 Snap Ginger Alpinia calcarata Zingiberaceae
33 lesser alpinia Alpinia conchigera Zingiberaceae
34 Alpinia nigra Alpinia nigra Zingiberaceae
35 blackboard tree Alstonia scholaris Apocynaceae
36 Rasamala Altingia excelsa Altingiaceae
37 Alyce clover Alysicarpus ovalifolius Fabaceae
38 Elephant-head Amaranth Amaranthus gangeticus Amaranthaceae
39 spiny amaranth Amaranthus spinosus Amaranthaceae
40 green amaranth Amaranthus viridis Amaranthaceae
41 Graceful Forrestia Amischotolype mollissima var.glabrata Commelinaceae
42 elephant foot yam Amorphophallus paeoniifolius Araceae
43 Jungle grape vine Ampelocissus latifolia Vitaceae
44 creeping smartweed Ampelygonum chinense Polygonaceae
Ampelygonum salarkhanii Polygonaceae
46 cashew tree Anacardium occidentalis Anacardiaceae
47 fishberry Anamirta cocculus Menispermaceae
48 pineapple Ananas comosus Bromeliaceae
49 Green chirayta Andrographis paniculata Acanthaceae
50 giant fern Angiopteris evecta Marattiaceae
51 Sylheti fern Angiopteris sylhetense Marattiaceae
52 catmint Anisomeles indica Lamiaceae
53 custard apple Annona reticulata Annonaceae
54 axlewood Anogeisus acuminata Combretaceae
55 Areepazham Antidesma acidum Euphorbiaceae
56 Sadiraissya Antidesma roxburghii Euphorbiaceae
57 Indian Antidesma Antidesma velutinum Euphorbiaceae
58 Mauritian Grass Apluda mutica Poaceae
59 Aporusa aurea Euphorbiaceae
60 Agarwood Aquilaria agallocha Thymelaeaceae
61 Panicled Coralberry Ardisia paniculata Myrsinaceae
62 shoebutton ardisia Ardisia solanacea Myrsinaceae
63 betel palm Areca catechu Arecaceae
64 Mai-hkum-ku Argyreia argentea Convolvulaceae
65 Argyreia capitiformis Argyreia capitiformis Convolvulaceae
66 Garudakkodi Aristolochia indica Aristolochiaceae
67 jackfruit Artocarpus heterophyllus Moraceae
68 Monkey Jack Artocarpus lacucha Moraceae
69 giant cane Arundo donax Poaceae
70 satavar Asparagus acerosus Liliaceae
71 Asplenium unilaterale  Aspleniaceae
72 broadleaf carpetgrass Axonopus compressus Poaceae
73 neem Azadirachta indica Meliaceae

Please click on the 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Page Numbers below to read the full 681 numbers of medicinal plant species in Bangladesh. 

আরো পড়ুন

অনুপ সাদির প্রথম কবিতার বই পৃথিবীর রাষ্ট্রনীতি আর তোমাদের বংশবাতি প্রকাশিত হয় ২০০৪ সালে। তাঁর মোট প্রকাশিত গ্রন্থ ১০টি। সাম্প্রতিক সময়ে প্রকাশিত তাঁর সমাজতন্ত্র মার্কসবাদ গ্রন্থ দুটি পাঠকমহলে ব্যাপকভাবে সমাদৃত হয়েছে। ২০১০ সালে সম্পাদনা করেন বাঙালির গণতান্ত্রিক চিন্তাধারা নামের একটি প্রবন্ধগ্রন্থ।

জন্ম ১৬ জুন, ১৯৭৭। তিনি লেখাপড়া করেছেন ঢাকা কলেজ ও ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে। ২০০০ সালে ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় থেকে ইংরেজি সাহিত্যে এম এ পাস করেন।

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