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The Two Poles

Private property is on one side, Exploitation on the other They Make a contradiction.   One pole export wars to the Oppressed countries The other pole preaching democracy by war aircraft.   Who knows the meaning of speech and freedom When one lives in a primitive clan The other lives inside a corporate

To Fanny by John Keats

Physician Nature! let my spirit blood! O ease my heart of verse and let me rest; Throw me upon thy tripod, till the flood Of stifling numbers ebbs from my full breast. A theme! a theme! Great Nature! give a theme;

The Painted Stork is a Near Threatened bird.

The Painted Stork, (in Bengali: রাঙা মানিকজোড়) (Mycteria Leucocephala), locally called Ranga Manikjodr, is an extinct bird species of Bangladesh, now lives in many other countries. But they have left the country long ago. The environment of the country is misfit for birds living. Everyday the population of each species

Expansionist nature of India through the annexation of Sikim

Annexation means the action of occupying something, especially territory. It is the political process of changing from condition of of land from the control of one entity to another. It is also the internalisation of unclaimed land into a state's sovereignty, which is in most cases legitimate. In international law it

Second phase of election continues in Nepal, counting of votes start in evening

The second phase of general election of 7 December is going today. In this two-phase elections, 275 Member of Parliament will be selected by the 15 million voters, along with seven provincial parliament representatives, will also decide in seven separate provinces. Polling is going on in 45 districts today and

Kiss and freedom

What do you see? —The brightness of light? —What are you touching? —His face; incoherent efflulgent chin, Green smooth forest, flavored violet Crape-myrtle, Flower of water hyacinth bathed in dew; Both of our time, overwhelmed, Kissing, warm hygro soft shy and shameless beauty of uncommon civilization Our diverse freedom; This happiness, We get in love, in war and in post-war pain, The

Flute seller

I play the flute Not for the joy of my mind, Not to steal the mind is of my beloved. I sell flutes. To sell flutes, I need to play them; Naturally, the bad flute in my practiced hand Play melodious tunes, As an obstinate man becomes beautiful By the touch of a leader. My whiff creates magical melody