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Wikimedia Education SAARC conference started at the Christ University, Bangalore

Wikimedia Education SAARC conference has started in the Christ University, Bangalore on 20th June 2019. The conference is related to the Wikimedians, Wikimedia education leaders, educators and researchers who are engaged with Open Education and free knowledge movement. Dr. Mallika Krishnaswami welcomes the audience. She addressed to the audience to be acquainted with all

Wikicamp Nepal discusses on the depth and education program of Wikipedia

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 started on 22nd November at Lahan of Nepal. On the third day of the grand program, Soroj Kumar Dahkal discuses on the Wikipedia Education program in Nepal. He expresses the view that Wikipedia belongs to Education. Not only Wikipedia but whole set of it’s sister projects can serve in education to solve the issues of digital literacy, information literacy, language learning, collaboration and many more; popularly called 21st Century skills. Read More

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 started at Lahan, Nepal

Wikicamp Nepal 2018, The national event of Wikimedians of Nepal, has started in the lahan city of Nepal yesterday. Wikimedians of Nepal user group and Maithili Wikimedians user group, the local Wikimedia Affiliates User Group are the co-organaizer of this event. This event is going to happen on 22nd, 23rd and

Diversity of the Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh.

Anup Sadi Poet & Author, Bangladesh December- 2012 Preface Research became my favorite job in the last 4 years. I have worked on the fruit plants in 2008 and after that research work, I started working on the medicinal plants of Bangladesh. Doing research work on important and critical issues of the society is

The Painted Stork is a Near Threatened bird.

The Painted Stork, (in Bengali: রাঙা মানিকজোড়) (Mycteria Leucocephala), locally called Ranga Manikjodr, is an extinct bird species of Bangladesh, now lives in many other countries. But they have left the country long ago. The environment of the country is misfit for birds living. Everyday the population of each species

Second phase of election continues in Nepal, counting of votes start in evening

The second phase of general election of 7 December is going today. In this two-phase elections, 275 Member of Parliament will be selected by the 15 million voters, along with seven provincial parliament representatives, will also decide in seven separate provinces. Polling is going on in 45 districts today and

Democracy and the Press Media

Without freedom of press and electronic media, democracy becomes fascism. But, where is the place of expressing opinion? Public meeting, discussion and procession are the means of expressing opinion. To organize people and making organizations is the right of democracy. To make organizations means the right to unite people altogether, create a political party, Read More