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Kiss and freedom

What do you see?

—The brightness of light?

—What are you touching?

—His face; incoherent efflulgent chin,

Green smooth forest, flavored violet Crape-myrtle,

Flower of water hyacinth bathed in dew;

Both of our time, overwhelmed,

Kissing, warm hygro soft

shy and shameless beauty of uncommon civilization

Our diverse freedom;

This happiness,

We get in love, in war and in post-war pain,

The hope of salvation

Accumulate by nibbling in the heart mail box,

Expectation from head to foot;

—How much moving ahead

By cutting the tar like dark?

— Whom are you beholding in front?

Lighting brightness

Like the dreams of blonde teen.

Whom are you calling beside?

18.08.2004; Custom chowk, Kushtia, Bangladesh.


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