Derris scandens is critically endengered plant of Bangladesh.

A critically endangered species, Noa Creeper plant (locally called: নোয়ালতা scientific name: Derris scandens) has been founded in the Sonatonpur village, harinakunda, Jhinaidaha, Bangladesh. The local name of the plant is Noalata. No other places of the country have seen this creeper plant. The approximate age of the creeper is 200-250 years. This medicinal plant stands on 0.46 acre area supporting of a Bunyan tree. The villagers and the people worship and offer rituals to the creeper everyday. The observer and experts hope that the plant should spread throughout the country.

The tree is now known as a tourist place for the local people. Akhteruzzaman Chowdhury, assistant secretary of the Endangered Animal and plant Conservation Foundation and Assistant Professor of the Dhaka Government Bangla said that the name of the Bengali name of the creeper plant. He also said that in 2011 he started the study of this creeper plant. After consulting the plant researchers at national level, he confirmed the tree as Noa Lata.

Plant researcher Akhtar said that as a native plant, there is no such old and so huge creeper plant anywhere in Bangladesh. He is also maintaining this creeper, like his predecessor, Badan Ghosh, a native of Sonnatanpur village.

In the research, he mentioned that ‘Noa’ creeper is a large rustic and all time green plant. leaves are compounds and in July the whitish flowers blooms. The family-friendly Noa creeper is spread by seed and stem. Normally the plant grows in the riverside, canal and fallen land. In addition to the Bangladesh, it is found in India, Myanmar and Southeast Asia, Malaysia and Australasia.

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In 2013, with the support of Jhenaidah district administration, researcher of this creeper plant, Professor Akhteruzzaman Chowdhury, identified the name of this Plant, and unveiled the nameplate at Sonatanpur village. Former chairman of Daulatpur union of Hariñakundu, Abu Bakar Siddique told that he had heard about this creeper plant from his father and grandfather. The tree is more than three hundred years old.

Humayun Kabir, a teacher of Sonatanpur Primary School, said that every day people came to see the creeper from different places of the country. He told that so many days the name of the plant was non-identified. Now the villagers are happy because of the name of the tree. Former Joint Commissioner of Jhenaidah Sheikh Rafiqul Islam said that he himself has been in the district for more than seven years. But I did not know that there is a wonderful local history of a plant. After finding the wonderful plant of five years, a few journalists of Jhenaidah went to the spot and informed the matter to the local administration. Later, Sonataanpur village of Harinakunda took a lot of enthusiasm among the crowd. Gradually, the importance of the unknown tree near the locality increases.

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