Experiences on outreach activity of Wikipedia at Netrakona

I am Anup Sadi, have started outreach activity in a remote district called Netrakona. We met with more than 30 students and 4 college teachers and other social activists. But our work area was a remote place where internet facilities is low and slow. So it was challenging to us. But I deliberately discuss the pros and cons of Education Programs with my classmates, colleagues and educators. Writing articles with good content is my motto. So I provide a lot of motivation for editing and contributing articles related to education in diversified Wikimedia projects.

I was a co-organizer of Wikipedia Education program in Netrokona, Bangladesh on 3 September 2019. As I am a college teacher, I have thought to introduce education program in Bangladesh. In that program, the participants was informed that using Wikipedia could be a medium of their education. The participants’ acquainted with Wikipedia as a reliable source of free knowledge. I have presented a slide-show introductory presentation through Multimedia. Through this platform some of new volunteers and audiences have increased in my residential area.

Following up of this program, I have organized a mini workshop on Wikipedia movement at Netrokona on 16 October 2019. In that program, I have presented how Wikipedia can be used on laptops and smart phones and how to edit Bangla articles. I also introduced the keynote of education program associated with Wikipedia and education.

After a few months, I have arranged Netrokona Wikipedia Meetup on 6 March 2020. All These three programs of Bangla Wikipedia Movement have got publicity from various news websites. Most of the participants of these programs have learned about Wikipedia for the first time. As new learner, they have started using and reading Wikipedia. I presented and wrote different types of posters in those three programs.

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To improve my activities next time, I need to focus, present and express on the benefit of using Wikipedia. If the user can learn the value of free knowledge, they will be active in online activity. To change the public perception on printed encyclopedia, I should give emphasis on reliable sources of online information.

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