Discussion on the Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia

Wikicamp Nepal 2018 started on 22nd November at Lahan of Nepal. On the third day of the grand program, I, Anup Sadi, have discussed on the Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia. It is usual to say that I was the only participant from Bangladesh.

I have presented on the Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia. I have discussed about the importance of improvement of the depth of any Wikipedia project. That Presentation had been covered the detail process of implementing the ideas to improve the depth of all articles. That session would have been covered the details of the process of increasing the depth of articles. It also enriched the community engagement diversity among the participants.

I informed that the depth or editing depth of Wikipedia shows how frequently its articles are updated. Comparatively high number of page edits and the presence of support pages means that the articles have been updated regularly. Support pages are assumed to be a more important factor for the depth.

So the wikipedians need a lot of support pages or NonArticles pages in the projects. These non-article pages help the article pages. NonArticles are user pages, redirects, images, “project” pages, categories, templates, and all talk pages. Mr. Sadi gave emphasis on redirect pages. 5 to 10 categories might help the users or readers to find out the articles. Templates also useful to read articles on the related topics. My basic question was How the article page looks good looking? Infobox and freely licensed Images might make the article good-looking. Body of the articles, supportive details of the main topics can increase the depth.

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In the three days wikicamp program all the participants represented different wiki projects and Wikipedians of various languages shared their ideas and experiences on a common desk . This long grand program helped to understand the best practices in other Wikis. That camp also helped to broaden the network among the Wikimedians to make the community more stronger. 

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