Idle and Democracy Talking

Idle talking is a process of common light discussion. Seminar, symposium, meeting, gathering, discussion and critical appreciation are the formal system of democracy; but idle talking and gossiping is different from those. Gossip is a negative word that means reports of other people’s private lives that might be unfair, disapproving or not true. But idle talking means speak something informally to some people in an open place that may be a tea stall, a small restaurant, a drawing room, a canteen, round a table, even an open field or a park. In these places people can speak each other, ask some questions, inform each other, know each other and gossip also. In these types of idle talking place, common-folk carry on their discussion that might be patriotism to sex, organization to criticism, decision to hand-to-hand fight, politics to disorder, religion to corruption and so on.

Idle talking is similar to table-talking. A disorganize speaking spot might not be creative or idealistic. Table-talking or idle talking usually becomes disorganize. The people who attend to these spots of speaking or gossiping may be well known or unknown to each other, but one theme is definite that they don’t care about the democratic way of discussion. A study circle or an organized group meeting might have their aims to advance democracy but an idle talking has no aims or purposes. It seems to be discussion for enjoyment or passing time but not for improvement of politics. The discussion of politics, literature, culture, philosophy or other high thoughts does not appear in these idle talking places. Except that, writers, politicians, artists attend a lot of discussion; they try to make organizations increase intimacy or make groups to establish new ideas. So creation or destruction is common in an organization. The creative people are creative in their table-talking but the educated arrogant, middle class vainglorious, lower class fraudulent are interested in baseless news, toxic views, perversion, perfidious, dishonesty, sex, rumor, intoxication, superstition, and so on. If we want to establish democracy in the autocratic or dynastic countries, it is necessary to practice the tolerance of others views and abolish communal behaviors. The communal or clan behavior is always anti-democratic. Democracy would be successful when people could discuss their problems and find out solutions from their discussions.

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Translation on 18 January, 2012, Mymensingh

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