Internationalism is the way of Equality among Nations

The age of globalism has created some problems. The age of post-soviet is the age of globalism and new economic world order. The end of history was declared by Francis Fukuama and the clash of civilizations was declared by Samuel P. Huntington. In another way, these two famous writers have propagandized Capitalism and a unipolar world order. Huntington and Fukuama and their followers had proclaimed that socialism is now dead and only Capitalism is the final era of history. But the truth is that history never stops its course.

One question arrives, who made history. The answer is that people create history and they are the deciding factor of history. The people thrown away slavery and feudalism, they must oust capitalism. They will proclaim their freedom and liberty. They have no masters, no lords. They have the power to free themselves from fetters. They have united and lighted themselves by the knowledge and experience. Truth is their power. They have no arms ammunition or atom bombs, but they have truth that has no chains of defeat, no limitations to cross the border, no meanness or no narrowness of a nation. Truth is always all-powerful and the people are working by the power of truth for the betterment of the humanity. They don’t recognize the haughty, egotistical, aggressive, imperialist nation. They are trying to implement Internationalism that grants equality among the developed or underdeveloped, the poor or the rich nation throughout the world. Internationalism teaches this truth that the people of all nations have more in common than they have the differences and thus that nations should treat each other as equals. Internationalism has announced that protest against aggression, exploitation, dominance is the way of liberty, fraternity and equality. On this way, the people will find their Freedom.

Translation on January 20, 2012, Mymensingh.

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