Freedom, a forgotten word, that has to cross a long way

Establishing equality in society is the way of liberty and freedom. We have forgotten the popular three words-liberty, fraternity and equality; from our mind. The up-to-date age depends on individualism, individual liberty, personal property, personal privacy and so on. Another popular maxim, all human are social being, is also forgotten. Now-a-days human being has created his own little hole where he is alone. Estrangement is the influential idea of the postmodern world. All the modern writers praised estrangement, alienation, separation, detachment, disjoint, disconnection and exclusion.

The freedom to live as one’s wish or to go anywhere as one’s want is liberty. The other meaning of liberty is the freedom to practice their political or religious beliefs. People should be free to think and behave as they want. They should not have limits to think or work. They should have the freedom of speech, and freedom of conscience, freedom of thought, freedom of movement, freedom of procession, freedom of mobilization, freedom of protest, freedom of gathering, freedom of organization, freedom of propaganda, freedom of press etc.

The past days had been gone away. Once upon a time, the people are divided into two sections; master and slave. Then we observed the age of Feudalism. This feudal society was also divided into feudal lord and serf. The modern Capitalist world also has two divisions and these two are capitalist and labor. Liberty means freedom from all types of slavery, serfdom or laborious jobs. The long history of rebellion and revolution has manifests the inevitability of freedom.

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Equality of men is the key word of freedom. A child’s birth with its dependency is created by nature. But the dependency on master, lord, king, husband or capitalist is man-made. All types of subjugation are man-made, society-made or state-made. All types of economic discrimination among people are human-made. We are against all types of human-created economic discrimination or disparity. All types of disparity and discrimination among people are the enemy of freedom and liberty.

People have the right to live and let others live, think and let others think, speak and let others speak. They have the right to publish books, papers, booklets, leaflets on different issues. They have the right to create public opinion among different issues or events. In this way they can create new ideologies and reshape the Earth; they can resolve Freedom for the majority people.

Translation on 14 January, 2012 Mymensingh.

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