Diversity of the Medicinal Plants of Bangladesh.

Chapter 5

5.1. Introduction:

We knew about the importance of conservation of medicinal plants. We knew about their commercial uses. Medicinal plants are useful and they contain the gene that is the very important for the Germplasm. So we should conserve it. Government has taken some important Steps to conserve the medicinal plants. We knew about the action of govt. to conserve the plant.

5.2. Findings:

From the above research we found that the different medicinal plants are grown in different habitat such as in water, in low land, in high land, in hill in forest etc.

Analysis the information we found about 5000 species of indigenous and naturalized Phanerogamic and Pteridophytic plants grow in Bangladesh. These plants grow here both wild and under cultivation. Out of them more than 1000 plants having medicinal properties.

In traditional systems indigenous knowledge plays a central role in discuses diagnosis and health care practices. Rapid westernization and introduction of modern medicine in many places has affected not only the traditional system but also associated with it. Especially in areas with rapid urbanizations

Different medicinal plants are used for treatment of different diseases. As we have a lot of medicinal plant in surrounding us so we have many kind of disease. Different medicinal plant have to controlled the different disease. Sometimes same disease is controlled by different plant i.e. Cynodon  dactylon (দূর্বা) and Mikania scandens (আসামলতা) are used for control of blood bleeding, here two different plant are used for same purpose : But this difference and diversity is important by the other way e.g. Cynodon dactylon is found in field easily but Mikania scandens is found in forest. Where there Cynodon dactylon is not available, in fact that the diversity of medicinal plant is important with their utility.

আরো পড়ুন:  লতাকস্তুরী বা মূষক দানা সমভূমিতে জন্মানো ভেষজ গুণসম্পন্ন গুল্ম

For the control of dysentery Holarrhena antidysentrica (কুরচি), Paedaria foetida (Gondhoradnle) of Centella asiatica (থানকুনি) are used: Among them Holarrhena antidysentrica in tree, Paedaria foetida is creeper,and Centella asiatica is herb. For the difference of morphological structure one can select any one of them on the basis of their surroundings habitat for the cultivation or conservation of diversity.

If all the disease are controlled by one plant is best so on. But one plant is not grown in the entire environment of the world. So it is not possible to collect this plant easily. On the other hand if the plant is destroyed by the cause of pathogenic, so many Patients are died without medicinal plant. So we should conserve this basically on their habitat and usable needs.

5.2.  Recommendations:

It is the responsibility of all concerned people from peasants to president to preserve ecology simultaneously to conserve the biodiversity. Medicinal plant is one of the parts of biodiversity.

Probable paths to conserve the diversity of medicinal plant:

  1. Usefulness of medicinal plant should be publicized by Govt. through radio, Television and other media.
  2. To save the forest for conserving the medicinal plant.
  3. A specific division should be established in BNH to know the medicinal plant easily.
  4. To established a garden specially by medicinal plant for Zene Bank.
  5. The use of land should be planned on the basis of the destruction of forest.
  6. Proper management of the use of plant is necessary.
  7. To Supply the pharmacology in every public library and health center.
  8. The Ministries of Agriculture and Health should co-ordinate a programme to establish nurseries where the medicinal plants are cultivated.
  9. The Government should regulate the collection of medicinal plants from the wild.
  10. To improve techniques for harvesting, storage and production.
  11. To conserve populations of medicinal plant species in natural habitats.
  12. To conserve population of medicinal plants species ex situ (i.e. outside their habitat).
  13. Conservation of National Forests.
  14. Improvement of the techniques for cultivating medicinal plants.
  15. Conservation the ecosystems in which medicinal plants grow.
  16. Included conservation and utilization of medicinal plants in the Health policy and planning.
  17. Highly cultivation of medicinal plants.
  18. Improvement of the techniques for harvesting storage and production.
  19. To protect the cultivated medicinal plants from pests and diseases without using dangerous chemicals.
  20. To conserve populations of medicinal plants species in natural habitat.
  21. A specific division should be established in BNH to know the medicinal plants easily.
  22. Established a garden specially by medicinal plants for Gene Bank.
  23. To supply the pharmacology in every public library and health center.
আরো পড়ুন:  উলুচা বাংলাদেশের পাহাড়ীঞ্চলে জন্মানো গুল্ম

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