Mr. Anup Sadi

  • Janak Raj Bhatta, Author & Wikipedian

I made a lot of Bengali friends in Wiki Conference India held at Chandigarh, Punjab in 2016 and Mr. Anup Sadi was one of them. In those three days that I stayed there, we built a great friendship during the course of Chandigarh visit. I got very close to my Bengali friends. We had a great time together at Chandigarh city and Sukhna Lake. Sadi and his coworker Dolon Prova, both were present at the conference. Mrs. Dolon Prova is also a Wikipedian. At the end of the conference Mr. Sadi and I exchanged our national currency with each other as a souvenir. Mr. Sadi also gave me a book written by him. But unfortunately the book was written in Bengali language so I was not able to read it, although I still have that book safe with me as a sign of our friendship. I got to know that Mr. Sadi is an English professor, a great Wikipedian as well as a wonderful writer and poet.

As we both returned back to our country, we were still in touch with the help of social media and we used to talk very often. One day back in 2017 Mr. Sadi said that he will come to Nepal for his further M. Phil. studies. I was very excited to meet him. Finally I met him after a year since the conference. I went to his apartment at Kathmandu, and we had a great time together. We talked about similarities in our culture, way of living, about how Wikipedia is engaged in various types of activities and about the current situation of our countries. I was amazed when Mr. Sadi shared about how a part called chicken neck was separating Nepal and Bangladesh. If this part was not there, the bond of our countries and us would have been very good. As we were talking, I got to know that Mr. Sadi is a person of communist ideology. He also shared that he has written a book based on this ideology. He also writes great poems and novels in Bengali language.

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I also again got to meet Dolon Prova. Mrs. Dolon gave us her home made plum pickle, which was quite delicious. She is also a Wikipedian and a wonderful writer. When he stayed in Nepal for more than 1 and half years, he visited different places like Pokhara, Nagarkot, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, Lahan, Jarshingpauwa, Kathmandu and many more. As he is fond of photography, he also took a lot of photos during his visit here. He also uploaded those pictures in Wikimedia Commons. He has been uploading pictures to Wikimedia Commons since 2014. Those photos included different famous rivers, highways, roads, national parks, buildings and gardens etc.

We again met at Wikicamp Nepal 2018 held in Lahan, Nepal. During the Wikicamp Nepal 2018, Mr. Sadi presented an informative presentation on the topic “Improvement of the depth of Wikipedia”. He shared the achievements and great works done by the Bengali Wikimedia community in Bangaladesh. He also shared best practices of his community among us. As our stay in Lahan was very short but it was one of the most memorable moments of my life. As I knew Mr. Sadi is a very humble, kind and helpful friend, I still remember he sang a beautiful Bengali song among the people in Wikicamp Nepal 2018.

Mr. Sadi has written more than 12 books in different topics. He is also a great Wikipedian, who has given great contribution in making Wikipedia a great encyclopedia. He has more than 40,000 edits in Wikipedia. He is frequently participates in many events and programs conducted by Wikimedia user groups. He also conducts outreach programs and Wikimedia education for students. He is a very passionate and hardworking person. He is a person with a lot of experience in his work field and is eager to learn different type of things related to Wiki platform. He is also very fond of photography and always carries a camera with him. He is a nature lover and captures the wonders of the nature.

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02 October, 2022, Kathmandu, Nepal

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