Phyre’s Langur a Critically Endengered mammals in Bangladesh.

The Phayre’s Langur is considered as Critically Endangered (CR) in Bangladesh, But not globally. It needs higher level protection to prevent extinction in the country. The local name of the species is Chosmapora Hanuman (চশমাপরা হনুমান), Kalo Hanuman and Kala Bandar in Tripuri. The Scientific name is Trachypithecus phayrei (Blyth 1847).

Habitat: Found in the dense forest and bamboos, primary and secondary moist evergreen and moist mixed forests. They inhabit bamboo patches and plantations. Phayre’s Langur generally prefers middle canopy, but also use the top and the lower part of the forest. And they use less than 1% of the forest floor.

Distribution: In Bangladesh, Phayre’s Langurs are found in Sylhet, and Chittagong Hill tracts region. They are also found in India, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

Remarks: The Phayre’s Langur is called spectacled monkey for its white-eye patches that stand out in its black face. Phayre’s Langur has four subspecies in the world: Trachypithecus phayrei phayrei Blyth 1847 of Bangladesh and India, T.p. crepusculus Eliot 1909 of central and south-west Thailand, T.p. shanicus Wroughton 1917 of North Shan states and the area to the east of the river Irrawady in the dry season of upper Myanmar, T.p. ruhei Knottnerus-Meyer 1933 of Sangora, southern Siam.

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