Wikimedia Education SAARC conference started

Wikimedia Education SAARC conference has started in the Christ University, Bangalore on 20th June 2019. The conference is related to the Wikimedians, Wikimedia education leaders, educators and researchers who are engaged with Open Education and free knowledge movement.

Dr. Mallika Krishnaswami welcomes the audience. She addressed to the audience to be acquainted with all the guests. The Chief Guest was Dr. Ramesh Sharma. She said that Dr. Sharma is the right person to come in this great occasion. Other guests were Dr. Anil Joseph Pinto is working on the many innovative programs regarding to Wikimedia and Dr. John Joseph Kennedy, who has completed PhD from Manonmaniam Sundaranar University, a faculty member of Christ University. Mr. Tito Dutta, addressed to the audience who is working in Wikipedia.

In the speech, the dean of social science of Christ University presented the importance of knowledge. What amazed him that Wiki works on collaborative way, so it creates diversity and plurality. He hopes that Christ University will be meaningful in the coming days.

Dr. Ramesh Sharma, the chief guest expresses his views that all of us are making to enrich the source of knowledge. Wiki means quick or “Jaldi”. Wiki is contributing to propagate knowledge. The Indian Govt. has proposed the education policy and they have the options to give their suggestions to make the Indian education related to open Knowledge. Somebody is generating knowledge, the role of wiki is transmitting knowledge, and the third step is the advancement of knowledge. The Wikipedians are fulfilling the stages. He appreciated the open knowledge sources as well as Wikipedia.

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Tito Dutta greeted all the audiences. He hopes that we’ll learn a lot in the next three days and wish to involve and share their knowledge in a more powerful way.

Dr. Anil Joseph Pinto wished that their meaningful innovative works in Wiki will help the Indic languages departments of various universities.

The conference Goals are to know the Wikimedia Education activities happening in South Asia by different community members/Languages. Its second goal is sharing the knowledge and best practices of how to build “trust relationship” with new partners/teachers and how to improve trust in Wikimedia projects. Another goal is to challenges on student retention and how to engage them in the broader Wikimedia movement. Furthermore, the conference goal is the best method to evaluate and measure the quality of the work done by the students. The last goal is to introduce tools like the dashboard, not in your language, and other tools which will be useful for the tracking, assessment, allocation of the topics and others. The Wikimedia Education SAARC conference will be finished on 22nd June 2019 in the same place.

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