The Painted Stork is a Near Threatened bird.

The Painted Stork, (in Bengali: রাঙা মানিকজোড়) (Mycteria Leucocephala), locally called Ranga Manikjodr, is an extinct bird species of Bangladesh, now lives in many other countries. But they have left the country long ago. The environment of the country is misfit for birds living. Everyday the population of each species is decreasing. But you can see a bird at Dulahajra Safari Park, Coxbazar, Bangladesh. Once upon a time, people preyed the Storks a lot and take the species as food. Nowadays this occurance happened sometimes. It is very regretful that a bird so nice in color, length and height has lost its habitat from the so-called beautiful country, our golden Bengal ‘Sonar Bangla’.

This is the most beautiful among the bird species of stork. The bird is native to South and Southeast Asia. Besides, bird has been released in Singapore. It has the habitat to a large area of around 19,30,000 sq km. Their numbers have decreased in the last few decades due to alarming rates. That’s why I U. C. N. In 2004, declared it as Near Threatened or Near-Risk. The number of adult total population worldwide is 10,000-17,000. It has no subspecies.

Once in most of South Asia and South-East Asia, the the Painted Stork has may also be seen. They are very few in Pakistan. Their movement is limited to the Indus Valley only. They are seen in the Terai region of Nepal in the summer. They are usually seen in India. Once upon a time they were in good condition in Bangladesh, now it is seen in the coastal areas. They are not seen in Sri Lanka during the dry season. Once upon a time painted stork had the good habitat and reproduction condition in Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. At present, a small group only seen in those countries very occasionally. In Cambodia, 4,000-5,000 pairs of painted storks are limited to preserved places. They are irregular in Malaysia. They were released in Singapore. They probably have been extinct from China.

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Painted stork is a very large white aquatic bird. Its length is about 93 centimeters, wings 50 centimeters, lips 26.5 centimeters, tail 16 cm and feet 24.5 centimeters. Weight 3 kg. Adult bird’s face is bald and skin is orange-yellow. The skin contains reddish color in breeding season. Neck, throat and back is white. The down of the body is white, there are only black stripes on the chest. Feather of wings of the last portion and middle portion is black. The black strips of wings are seen in white strips. The tail feathers are gorgeous red or pink. Some feathers are blackish. Eye color is straw-yellow. Long lip is orange-yellow. The color of the foot and feet is brown in brown and red. The color is same for male and female. The non-adults are grey white.  Minor white dirty white The head, neck and inner feather of wings are brown.

 Their reproduction season is from July to October. Male storks tried to win the female by dancing. Before mating, they call the sound like a whopping noise. They make a huge house on a tall tree or near a tree. Make the nest by sticks, woods and dry stems. The male storks gathers most of the nest, and the female makes the nest. In the middle lower part of the nest, aquatic plant leaves, dry roots of water hyacinth, dry aquatic alga, etc. make them like cushons. On one tree or side of the trees, many birds gather together in the colony. In these colonies, there is also cormorant and other egrets. They do not rush to make nest; That is why it takes 7-15 days to make nest.

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For 10-12 days they lay 3-5 eggs. Because of that, the chicks also born by the break. Eggs are brownish, white with long scars. Egg size is 7.0 × 4.9 cm. Both the male and female make eggs hot for incubation. The chicks go out from eggs in 28-32 days. Chicks can fly in 55-65 days. Newborn chicks color cotton-like white. Parents give half-digested meals in front of children. Chicks eat the half-digested food.

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