Oh how wonderful!

Mother cooked herself in the kitchen
Father is the lumber of burning fire,
Burn to ashes;
The ashes are taken in the laboratory,
By showing the laboratory test reports
With great enthusiasm the elected representative accepts
Foreign dollars,
Nice mundane ways!

The son sells blood,
Buys alluring lottery tickets,
The daughter is on her way looking for customers.
All are very natural and beautiful!

The children bear the sin of the whoreson
Everything is going fine —
Daily press release;
On the color of the TV screen
Information, Data Analysis, Debate,
All are very natural and beautiful!

Pass by
Mother is cooked in the kitchen
Father becomes ash in the burner.


Translation Date: 4th February 2018.

The painting was painted by Cornelis Bisschop, a seventeenth-century Dutch painter.

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