Che, the blood smeared light

(To Shamim Parvez)

On the base of the rebellion of the oppressed people
There are songs, tales, there are defense after wailing,
Arrival and departure also.
In large time-span, as they lose little moments,
Gripping the neck of unjust, some people arise the heads;
Communes of equality constructed in daily activities.
When the war of just begins in the continuation of war
Wherever the news of victory comes,
Society forwards one more step,
Workers understand that retreat means a temporary pause of a day.

If the clay hands of worker get up on the hill and crush the feudal arrogance,
They finds the way to free the sweat,
Farmers fight on the altar of equality,
When you have accepted the subjected as leader,
Listened the calls of the red Earth to finish the agonies,
Sung the song of freedom;
From that day you are not only the Pole Star;
You are that old man
Who moves the mountains to arise the earth.

If a freedom fails, you are sleepless,
Curving the eyebrow, you got a four thatched house.
Depending on the wings, the trees become birds’ shelter,
Depending on those wings, some of our shining starlike
Friends brilliantly melted in day after day
On blood smeared movement of light.
In the severe rainy day, when the slums of the city are floating,
In the crowd of helpless people, in any small corner of the world
These writings hang on with the signs of the great Earth’s
Veranda of truth.

Read the Bangla translation of the poem: চে এক রক্তমাখা আলো

আরো পড়ুন:  আলবের্তো কোর্দা এবং চে গ্যেভারা হচ্ছেন কিউবার বিপ্লবী

Translation Date: 10 Januray, 2018,
Poem’s writing date: June 14, 2015
Chowrongi Chowk, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.

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