Some impressions of Anup Sadi

Arun Gupto, Author

I have known Anup Sadi from 2016. The first impression about him was his liberal attitudes towards ideas which influence a human being to shape his agency. His training in the domain of the Humanities is extensively inspiring. I had no second thoughts to admit him in M.Phil. (English) program.

Anup has a wonderful humanistic spirit which looks at regions and boundaries as mere political divisions but not political separations.  He takes religion and race as diversities but not as differences. This is where he becomes a liberal scholar of the Humanities. 

His stay in Kathmandu was a cultural engagement along with his academic goal.  He constantly interacted with different sections of society by participating in seminars and workshop, interviewing people, and presenting papers in conferences. My conversation with him of various aspects of cultural studies is, for me, a memorable one.  His clarity of thought impressed me a lot.

What is significantly striking in his beliefs and attitudes is his ability to think as an academic and pragmatically practice the democratic nuances of academia.  Let me be a bit psychologically appropriate to talk about Anup. What is personality as a concept when we interact with people like Anup.  His intellectuality underlies his personality in terms with how his personality is humanistic in essence.  There is no complexity in his personality because he has a sense of particular goals in his life: it is to be (he always told me) a good human being by being a good student all his life.  The complexities in beliefs and attitudes are obstacles to be a humble human being and this is where Anup is successful as a person.  My observation about him is his good and easy going mental conditions, neither too much of ambition nor too little to divert from the purposes of life. This speaks about his consistency of behavior as a scholar. 

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I have come across people who trouble themselves and their surrounding as person with what psychologists call neurotic-psychoticism (my compound phrase) when the person’s mood fluctuates and goes through disturbing anxieties and at the same time one tries to hurt people by one’s acts and attitudes. My idea of a person is to analyze him or her from the point of view of neurotic-psychoticism.  I brought this notion to establish my relationship with students in terms with the psychology of thinking about others.  Anup is clear regarding how he loves life and people and set goals for his academic life.

It is very difficult to write about a person apart from narrating his successes.  I gave some time to think about him as my student.  I had hard time in writing about him but I have some impressions which I wrote.

30 October, 2022.
Washington, USA.

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