Some impressions of Anup Sadi

অনুপ সাদি

I have known Anup Sadi from 2016. The first impression about him was his liberal attitudes towards ideas which influence a human being to shape his agency. His training in the domain of the Humanities is extensively inspiring. I had no second thoughts to admit him in M.Phil. (English) program. Anup has a wonderful humanistic … Read more

Freedom, a forgotten word, that has to cross a long way

Establishing equality in society is the way of liberty and freedom. We have forgotten the popular three words-liberty, fraternity and equality; from our mind. The up-to-date age depends on individualism, individual liberty, personal property, personal privacy and so on. Another popular maxim, all human are social being, is also forgotten. Now-a-days human being has created … Read more

Dualism and Binary opposition in idealist Philosophy

Before started reading, we need to understand the dialectics. The dialectic is the contradiction of two opposites. In every matter, there are contradiction between two opposite sides. In Marxist philosophy, synthesis emerges from the contradictions of thesis and antithesis. But the idealist thinkers such as Plato, Rousseau, Saussure, and Levi-Strauss, are anti-dialectical. The reactionary ideas … Read more

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