Diversity of medicinal plants according to the use of body parts

In Bangladesh, Diversity of medicinal plants has been grown. A numerous varieties of medicinal plants are observed and grown in India, and even throughout South Asia. Those medicinal plants are signified according to the usable parts of the plants. Each of medicinal or herbal plant has some medicinal properties. There are more than six thousand plants species in Bangladesh. Among these species, more than seven hundred are medicinal plant species. As the raw material of the pharmaceutical industry, the demand for herbal plants is increasing rapidly in our country as well as throughout the world. 

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A table has been posted Below to show the medicinal plants according to the scientific name, local Bengali name, family of the plants, parts of plants and the effectiveness of the disease. This list of about 40 species of plants, which is part of my research was published in the website Prankakoli in 2012. [1] Later, during the publication in Rudurrete several plants species were added in the list.[2]

Table: Asian 56 medicinal plants according to the usable parts of the plants.

SerialLocal NameScientific Nameusable partsControl Disease name
1ApangAchyranthes asperawhole plantDysentery, Constipation, piles, Arthritis, Skin disease.
2KalomeghAndrographis pariculatawhole plantMetabolic problem, Gastric, Fever, worm killer, Dysentery, Liver Disease, Strengthen.
3PeajAllium cepa Skin disease, Digestion, Histiria,
4RoshunAllium sativum Strengthen, Constipation, Old fever, Heart disease
5SotanuliAsparagus recemosus Fever, Dysentery, Diabetics.
6UlatkambalAbroma augustaRoot, Bark & Leaf.Vaginal pain sexual disease. Ministration, Urinal and Sexual disease.
7BelAegle marmelosFruitDysentery, Diarrhoea.
8GhritokumariAloe  veraExtract of leafHeadache, sexual disease, metabolic problem. Fever.
9ChatimAlstonia scholarisbark, Glue, flowers,Leprosy, dental problems, asthma, lack of milk, flux, strangulation, respiration, fever.
10OlkochuAmorphophallus paeoniifoliusBulb, stemConstipation, rheumatic arthritis, indigestion, dying child birth, cough tendency.
11AnarosAnanus comosusFruit and leafJaundice, Fever
12NimAzadirachta indicaRoot, leaf BarkSkin disease, Arthritis, Insecticide, Anti vomiting, Tooth disease, Skin disease, worm killer, Jaundice. Antiviral etc.
13BrahmishakBecopa monieraLeafHeart disease, nurval pressure, Asthma.
14TalBorassus flabellifer Insomnia, Gonorrhea
15PonornavaBoerhavia repens Stone in kidney, Cough, Insomnia, Gonorrhea
16Pathor KuchiBryophyllum calycium Cold, Urinal disease, Hysteria.
17AkandCalotropis proceraRoot, leaf. Bark flower extract of leaf.Ulcer, Tooth pain chronic dysentery, cold, Asthma.
18ThankuniCentella asiaticawhole plantMetabolic problem, pain killer Diabetics, Ulcer, chronic dysentery, Anti Coughing.
19TelakuchaCoccinia cordifolia Skin disease, Fever, Asthma.
20Nil AparajitaClitoria ternateawhole plantswoon, chronic pain, goitre, aphonia, dry cough, migraine, scabby scabies.
21SissooDalbergia sissoo Dysentery, Anti-vomiting
22ShemDolichos lablab Fever, Gastricity, Bleeding control.
23AnantamulHemidesmus indicusroot and whole plantStrength increaser, apetiser. Arthritis, Diabetes.
24TelakuchaEoccinia cordifolialeaf and rootDiabetics,  cold, appetizer, Ulcer control etc.
25KeshrajEclipta Prostratawhole plantHeadache cold, control of hair losing.
26HelenchaEnhydra fluctuansstem, leaves, spinachScabies, itching, tasteless, arthritis, prickly heat.
27MotherErythrina variegata Ministration regulation.
28DudhiaEuphorbia thymifolia Asthma, Ring worm.
29BotFicus benghlensisstem, leaf, rootDysentery, fat, boil.
30DumurFicus hispida Diabetes, control bleeding.
31AshathaFicus religiosaleaf, bark, rootArthritis in blood, sensitivityless, mouth sore, ear infection.
32BichutiFleurya interrupta Constipation, Heart disease.
33KulekharaHygrophilla schulliLeaf, Seed, SteamControl of anger, Liver disease, Ulcer, bleeding, removal of stone from kidney.
34GandhavadaliPaedaria foetidaLeafDysentery, metabolic disorder, cold. Arthritis.
35DhutaraDatura metalRoot, Leaf, Seed.Pain killer, worm killer, poisonous.
36ArjunTerminalia arjunaBarkHeart disease, Diarrhea, piles, Tuberculosis.
37BoheraTerminalia belericaFruitConstipation, Diarrhea, fever, cough, piles, Gastric, Heart disease.
39HoritokiTerminalia Chebula Pain killer, Dysentry, Skin disease, Fever.
40DadmardanCassia alataLeafSkin disease, poisonous.
41PudinaMentha viridiswhole plantMetabolic disorder, Gastric.
42BasakAdhatoda vasicaLeaf, roots of plantCough, asthma, tuberculosis, cold, blood refine.
43JashthimadhuHydrangea arboresconsLeaf, flower and fruitLiver disease, adrenal peptic Ulcer, hormonal disease, cold, throat pain.
 44SharpagandhaRauvolfia Serpentina leaf and root Blood Pressure, brain abnormal, dysentery diarrhea pain killer.
44KurchiHolarrhena pubescensBark & SeedDiarrhea, dysentery, worm killer constipation, intestinal weakness.
45UlatchandalGloriosa superbaLeaf and SteamArthritis Adrenals peptic, ulcer, Dysentery.
46SoabinGlycine max Anemia, Diabetics.
47GamarGmelina arborea Blood purify, Dysentery.
48ZostimodhuGlycyrihiza glarra Heart disease, Cold & fever, Epilepsy
49ShatamuliAsparagus racemosusleaf and rootFever, dysentery Diabetics.
50JamSyzygium cuminifruit and seedDiabetics, Dysentery.
51AsamlataMikania scandensleafBleeding control, Dysentery, Daud etc.
52NishindaVitex negundoroot and leafAsthma, Arthritis, fever,Cough, Weakness, Headache, Vomiting etc.
53DurbaCynodon dactylonleafBlood bleeding control. skin disease.
54ShingaraTrapa natans fruitAbdominal pain, gallbladder irritation, dysentery, loss of memory, urine off.
 55JayantiSesbania sesbanleaf, branch, seed, root,Nose water, nose closure, catarrh, arthritis, turnaround fever, chronic pain, Contraceptive pregnancy.
56AshokSaraca asocabark, seed,Neurological arthritis, heart-problem, scurvy, blood-stained, insect bite.


আরো পড়ুন:  অশ্বগন্ধা বাংলাদেশসহ এশিয়ার উষ্ণাঞ্চলের ঔষধি জাতীয় গুল্ম


১. Sadi, Anup. “Medicinal plants of Bangladesh.” Prankakoli, Anup Sadi, 24 Dec. 2012, anupsadi.blogspot.com/2012/12/medicinal-plants-of-bangladesh_24.html. A detailed study on the Diversity of Medicinal Plants and their Commercial Uses in Bangladesh

2. Ayurbedacharya Shibkali Vattcharya: Chironjib Bonushodhi Vol 2, Ananda Publishers Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata, First Published 1384, Introductory Page 15-16.

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