What is Wikipedia and how anyone can cotribute?

The answer of the question what is Wikipedia is that it is an Online Encyclopedia. I also can say that Wikimedia is related to that. This online Encyclopedia is a worldwide knowledge based collaborative efforts. It aims to bring free informative contents to the people all over the world. Through numerous projects, chapters, and the support structure of the non-profit organization named Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia attempts to bring about a world where everyone can generously share any types of knowledge.

The Wikimedia Foundation manages several Internet-based integrated wiki-projects. These include Wikipedia, Wikitionary, Wikiquote, Wikibook, Wikisource, Wikivoyage, Wikidata, Wikimedia Commons, Meta-Wiki and many more. In the above mentioned projects, anyone can contribute, like you also. It is important that contributing in any projects is sharing knowledge for all. If you want to contribute in these Wikimedia projects, you need to create an account. It is very easy to create an account. You need to go to any pages of any projects, need to find create new account and provide the email and password. That’s all. Now start to contribute and share knowledge to the people.

In the last 10 years I have worked with various nations. In my country, I have worked with Bangla Wikipedians in addition to Santali Wikipedians. When I have enough time for meet-up, I arrange and attend at the meet-ups. I asked for meet-ups in community discussion pages for time and date. I use my personal Facebook posts and Bangla Wikipedia Facebook user group for asking questions and sharing experiences those are solvable and shareable within short while.

As a participant of WikiConference India 2016, I met and shared my experiences with the Bangla Wikimedia Community Meetup that held in WikiConference India at Mohali, Chandigarh in 5 August 2016. In the Wikicamp Nepal 2018, I have talked on article Depth. I have discussed the Importance of support pages or NonArticles pages. I have also share my experiences at the Wiki Events Felicitation Program in Nepal on 2 September 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

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I have also attended Wikimedia Education SAARC conference that took place on 20-22 June 2019 at Bangalore, India. In that conference, I talked and learned about GLAM and Education. From that conference, I was encouraged to start Education program in Bangladesh. Furthermore, I have uploaded more than 2700 images in Commons. To add images in Commons and Wikipedia pages, I travelled many areas of Bangladesh, India and Nepal. To me Collaborative works means numerous works in diversified ways.

I think that the participation in any conferences creates a memorable positive impact and working experience for me. Cultural exchange and community leadership capacity development helped me a lot. One point I want to include that, my attendance creates a positive impact on my Community. I know the process of adding information in Wikidata on floras, faunas and rivers. I can share the process of adding information on Wikidata. I know the connections between open Knowledge and environmental sustainability. As a keen reader and activist of environmental issues, I can raise awareness of the issue of nature preservation. Without making any harm to nature, I am able to share the process of photography in relation to Wikimedia Movement.

If I get the chance to share my experiences with other people, it helps the working process of others also. I have tried a lot to create a  positive result in Bangla Wikipedia, I think, my works brings a positive effect on others also; such type of consequences presented by others who has written on my Wikipedia contribution.

My home wiki is Bangla Wikipedia. I have been editing articles, adding images, creating categories, using tools in Wikipedia for more than 11 years. I am working also in other Wikimedia projects both online and off-line. I have attended and organized competitions, editathons, and datathons. More than 1600 articles I have created in Bangla Wikipedia; these articles are on various topics those includes Biographies, environmental issues, flora and fauna as well as rivers etc. I have also uploaded more than 2700 images in Commons. I am a regular member of Wikimedia Bangladesh Chapter. I am the Deputy-coordinator and a founding member of “Mymensingh Wikipedia Community”, a local community of Wikimedia Bangladesh Chapter.

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I am the organizer of ‘Museums of South Asia Project’. The aims of this project is to upload images of South Asian museums as well as add or edit articles of more than 200 museums. We are encouraging new contributors to our project. I have already organized a photowalk within this project and targeted to arrange more than 10 photowalks in the coming years. I will work with 3 Museums in Bangladesh. I have started working with Dinajpur Museums of Bangladesh. This work was done jointly by me and User: Dolon Prova.

Currently contributors are joining from Bangladesh, India and Nepal. I have visited many museums in Bangladesh, India and Nepal. From there I collected images, documents and started adding those to Wikimedia Commons. On June 25 we completed a photowalk of this project at Dinajpur and a total number of 120 photos of Dinajpur Museum have been uploaded to Commons. We had a meeting with the director of the museum. We are optimistic about this project because more than 300+ Images already uploaded to Commons.

As an online activist, I have determined to publish my opinions those are helpful to edit and utilize Wikipedia. As a result, online reader can understand about Wikipedia as well as readers and users increase in number in my home wiki.

I have created pages on various online and offline activities of my community at bd.wikimedia.org. I add all my working documents such as photos, pages, reports at the community main page. Moreover, at the time of my participation in any International or Wikimedia Bangladesh chapter community calls, I share experiences verbally. I also Share my ideas with the community at the time of offline meeting through discussions or table talks.

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When the news of various community events are published in the national newspapers and websites of Bangladesh, I usually share the links to my social media accounts. Primarily I communicate and share my ideas through Facebook, Messenger, Telegram and Whatsapp. I’ve added all the links to my meta timeline. Generally I Post blogs after attending from each programs. I also share experiences during online calls and community meetups. Besides, I organize programs in educational institutions to promote Wikimedia Movement.

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