Globalism, a threat to the poor people

Globalization or globalism is the highest stage of Imperialism; we can say this or we can differ from this; but we must say that globalism has developed a New Economic World Order. This New Economic World Order established the capitalists, industrialists, multinational companies, multinational corporations or corporate worlds to the highest stage of the state. They are the beneficiaries of the new economic world order. The free market economy provides some privileges to the capitalists. As a result, the rich become richer and the poor become poorer. The Wretched of the Earth or the poor had lost their hope and power.
Globalism wants to change the world to a global village. It has such type of power also. But is a village stays in an ideal position? Globalism is destroying the differences of cultures among nations. It is uprooting the creations of people who have created different types of language, song, music, literature, food, seed, plants, animals etc. for thousands of years. But Globalism is destroying the respectable diversities.

But the old days has gone away. The poor has been changed. The poor people have started a new occupying movement to occupy the property. Occupy Wall Street, occupy Oakland and these types of other movements has the same motifs. The poor, the labor, the farmer has the right to establish equality throughout the world. Fighting against corporations is our way of equality.

Translation on 19 January 2012, Mymensingh.

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