A full checklist of the 795 species of Birds of Bangladesh

As a country, Bangladesh is quite small. But a total number of 795 species of birds in Bangladesh have been seen in the last 200 years. This is the full checklist of the species of birds of Bangladesh. The checklist is provided here for bird lovers, bird watchers, bird researchers and students.

The area specifications are given for birds, which have been specified by bird experts, six zoo geographic lines have been estimated for birds of the world. This division also accepted for the mammals or reptiles. The Indian subcontinent is in Oriental Region. This Oriental area has two sub-sections: Sinohimalayan and Indomalayan.

Bangladesh is in the middle of these two subdivisions. The Jamuna river of Bangladesh supposed to be the divider of the two regions.

Though Bangladesh is a small country due to the sub-division of this division, Bangladesh is very rich in wildlife animal resources. This country has more than 800 species of birds. The bird species seen in this country are almost equal to Canada. Many studies on birds have been done and will be in the near future in Bangladesh.

A checklist was published in Prankakoli website in 17 September, 2012. I worked hard to type that checklist from my love of birds. The only objective was to save the species from the poachers or killers.  Here again I published another checklist to protect the birds of Bangladesh. I specially giving thanks to my teacher Dr. Ali Reza Khan who had published a checklist in his book Wildlife of Bangladesh-A Cheklist [From Amphibia to Mammalia] with Bengali Names. You can give the link of this list elsewhere but please do not cut or paste it to any other blogs or websites.

This list has been followed by the checklist of Dr. Ali Reza Khan, already mentioned above, I also followed the encyclopedia of animal and plant Vol. 26 published from the Asiatic Society of Bangladesh. There were the name of 650 bird’s species in the encyclopedia.

This portion is dedicated to the bird lovers of Bangladesh so that they can have ready reference on the English and Bangla Name of all birds likely to be present in Bangladesh.

In the Class Aves birds are all two-legged, two-winged feathered creatures, whether flying or flightless. They are endothermic or warm-blooded with four-chambered heart and reproduce through eggs. We do not have running or flightless birds in Bangladesh.

In this full checklist of the birds of Bangladesh, We have presented total 692 species of the birds of Bangladesh and this checklist needs time to time correction and edition. Please click on the 1-2-3 Page Numbers below to read the total 692 species of the Birds of Bangladesh.

To present the total species number, Here we are writing serial number, English or common Name, local Bangla name, Zoological or scientific name and sometimes a little coment accordingly.

Order- Galliformes

This order includes a diverse group of ground-dwelling birds ranging from small quail to Green Peafowl, popularly known as game or hunting birds.

Family: Phasianidae:

All quails, partridges, pheasants and peafowls are in this family

  1. White-cheeked Hill Partridge, ধলাগাল বাতাই বা সাদাচিবুক তিতির, Arboraphila atrogularis.
  2.  Rufous-throated Hill Partridge, লালগলা বাতাই বা পাহাড়ি তিতির, Arboraphila rufogularis.
  3. Mountain Bamboo-Partridge, বাঁশবনের তিতির, Bambusicola fytchii.
  4. Blue-breasted Quail, রাজ বটেরা বা নীলাভবুক তিতির, Coturnix chinensis.
  5. Black-breasted Quail, বৃষ্টি বটেরা, Coturnix coromandelica. 
  6. Common Quail, পাতি বটেরা, Coturnix coturnix.
  7. Black Francolin, কালো তিতির বা শেখ ফরিদ, Francolinus francolinus. Rare or accidental.
  8. Swamp Francolin, জলার তিতির, Francolinus gularis.
  9. Grey Francolin, ধূসর বা মেটে তিতির, Francolinus pondicerianus.
  10. Painted Spurfowl, রঙ্গিলা মোরগ, Galloperdix lunulata. Data Deficient in Bangladesh.
  11. Red Junglefowl, বন মোরগ বা বন মুরগি, Gallus gallus.
  12. Kalij Pheasant, কালো মথুরা বা কালো ময়ূর, Lophura leucomelanos
  13. Indian Peafowl/Common Peafowl, দেশি ময়ূর, Pavo cristatus. Extinct in nature of Bangladesh.
  14. Green Peafowl/ Burmese Peafowl, সবুজ বা বর্মী ময়ূর, Pavo muticus, Extinct in nature of Bangladesh.
  15. Manipur Bush-Quail, কালো গুন্দ্রী, Perdicula manipurensis, Data Deficient in Bangladesh.
  16. Grey Peacock-Pheasant, মেটে কাট ময়ূর বা কাটমৌরPolyplectron bicalcaratum


Dendrocygnidae [Anatidae: Dendrocygninae]: Whistling Teals or Tree Ducks

  1. Fulvous Whistling-duck/ Large Whistling Teal, বড় শরালী বা রাজ সরালি, Dendrocygna bicolour.
  2. Lesser Whistling-duck, পাতি শরালী বা গেছো হাঁস, Dendrocygna javanica

Family Anatidae: Ducks, teals, pochards and geese

  1. Mandarin, সুন্দরী বা মান্দারিন হাঁস, Aix galericulata
  2. Northern Pintail/Pintail, উত্তুরে লেনজা হাঁস, Anas acuta
  3. Northern Shoveler/Shoveler, পান্তামুখি, Anas clypeata  
  4. Common Teal, পাতারি হাঁস, Anas crecca
  5. Falcated Duck, শিখাযুক্ত হাঁস, Anas falcate
  6. Baikal Teal, বৈকাল হাঁস, Anas formosa
  7. Eurasian Wigeon, লালশির, Anas penelope.
  8. Mallard, নীলশির, Anas platyrhynchos
  9. Spot-billed Duck, পাতি হাঁস, Anas poecilorhyncha
  10. Garganey/Blue-winged Teal, জিরিয়া হাঁস, Anas querquedula
  11. Gadwall, পিয়ং হাঁস, Anas strepera
  12. Greater White-fronted Goose, বড় ধলাকপাল রাজহাঁস, Anser albifrons
  13. Greylag Goose, মেটে বা ধূসর রাজহাঁস, Anser anser
  14. Lesser White-fronted Goose, Anser erythropus, Rare or Accidental
  15. Bean Goose, Anser fabalis,
  16. Bar-headed Goose, দাগি রাজহাঁস, Anser indicus
  17. White-winged Wood Duck, ভাদি হাঁস, Asarcornis scutulata possibly extinct in Bangladesh
  18. Baer’s Pochard, বড় ভূঁতি হাঁস, Aythya baeri Rare/Accidental
  19. Common Pochard, বামুনিয়া হাঁস, Aythya ferina
  20. Tufted Duck, কালো হাঁস, Aythya fuligula.
  21. Greater Scaup/Scaup Duck, বিরল ভূঁতি হাঁস, Aythya marila
  22. Ferruginous Pochard/ White-eyed Pochard, ভূঁতি হাঁস, Aythya nyroca
  23. Common Goldeneye, Bucephala clangula
  24. White-winged Duck, Cairina scutulata
  25. Marbled Duck/Marbled Teal, ফোঁটাওয়ালা হাঁস, Marmaronetta angustirostris
  26. Smew, সাদা হাঁস, Mergellus albellus Rare/Accidental
  27. Common Merganser, সরু-ঠোঁট ডুবুরি হাঁস, Mergus merganser
  28. Red-breasted Merganser, লাল-বুক ডুবুরি হাঁস, Mergus serrator, Rare/Accidental , Data Deficient in Bangladesh
  29. Red-crested Pochard, রাঙ্গামুড়ি,  Netta rufina
  30. Cotton Pygmy-goose, বালি হাঁস বা বেলে হাঁস, Nettapus coromandelianus
  31. Pink-headed Duck, গোলাপিশির হাঁস, Rhodonessa caryophyllacea Globally Said to be extinct during the 1950s.
  32. Comb Duck, নাকতা বা বোঁচা হাঁস, Sarkidiornis melanotos
  33. Ruddy Shelduck/Brahminy Duck, খয়রা চকাচকি, Tadorna ferruginea
  34. Common Shelduck, পাতি চকাচকি, Tadorna tadorna

Order-Turniciformes [Gruiformes]

Family Turnicidae

Button Quails unrelated to common Quails, small, drab, running birds, which avoid flying, polyandrous meaning females solicits more than one male partner in a season.

  1. Barred Buttonquail/Common Bustardquail, সাধারণ লাওয়া, Turnix suscitator
  2. Small Buttonquail/Little Bustardquail, ছোট লাওয়া, Turnix sylvaticus Extirpated
  3. Yellow-legged Buttonquail/Buttonquail, হলুদ-পা লাওয়া, Turnix tanki


Family Picidae

All woodpeckers with zygodactyls feet, long, stiff, pointed tails, tree-dweller excepting wryneck that is basically a ground-dweller and migratory.

  1. Redheaded Bay Woodpecker/ Bay Woodpecker, লালমাথা কাঠঠোকরা, Blythipicus pyrrhotis pyrrhotis
  2. Rufous Woodpecker, Celeus brachyurus
  3. Indian Black-backed Woodpecker, সাদাঘাড়-কালোপিঠ কাঠঠোকরা , Chrysocolaptes festivus
  4. Eastern Larger Golden backed Woodpecker, বৃহদাকার সোনালিপিঠ কাঠঠোকরা, Chrysocolaptes lucidus.  
  5. Stripe-breasted Pied Woodpecker, ডোরাবুক পাকড়া কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos atratus.
  6. Burmese Grey-crowned Pygmy Woodpecker, ধূসরমাথা বামন কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos canicapillus canicapillus
  7. Eastern Rufous-bellied Woodpecker, লালবুক কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos hyperythrus.
  8. Indian Fulvous-breasted Pied Woodpecker, পাকড়া কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos macei macei
  9. Yellow-fronted Pied Woodpecker, হলুদ কপালযুক্ত পাকড়া কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos mahrattensis mahrattensis
  10. Northern Brown-crowned Pygmy Woodpecker, বন কাঠঠোকরা, Dendrocopos moluccensis nanus
  11. Northern Golden-backed Woodpecker, কাঠঠোকরা, Dinopium benghalense benghalense
  12. Burmese Golden-backed Threetoed Woodpecker, বর্মী কাঠঠোকরা, Dinopium javanense intermedium
  13. Himalayan Golden-backed Threetoed Woodpecker, হিমালয়ী কাঠঠোকরা, Dinopium shorii shorii
  14. Pale-headed Woodpecker, হাল্কারঙের কাঠঠোকরা, Gecinulus grantia grantia
  15. Heart-spotted Woodpecker, হৃদপিণ্ড-ফোঁটাযুক্ত কাঠঠোকরা, Hemicircus canente Rare/Accidental.  
  16. Eurasian Wryneck, মেঠো কাঠঠোকরা, Jynx torquilla chinensis
  17. Eastern Rufous Woodpecker, লালচে কাঠঠোকরা, Micropternus brachyurus, genus restricted to South America.
  18. Assam Great Slatyheaded Woodpecker, বৃহৎ কাঠঠোকরা, Mulleripicus pulverulentus
  19. Grey-faced Woodpecker, ধূসরাভ-মুখ সবুজ-হলুদ কাঠঠোকরা, Picus canus.
  20. East Himalayan Small Yellow-naped Wood-pecker, হলুদ-ঘাড়ওয়ালা কাঠঠোকরা, Picus chlorolophus chlorolophus.
  21. Eastern Large Yellownaped Woodpecker, হলুদ-গলা কাঠঠোকরা, Picus flavinucha flavinucha.
  22. Streak-breasted Woodpecker, Picus viridanus
  23. Laced Woodpecker, Picus vittatus
  24. Streak-throated Woodpecker, সবুজ-ডোরা কাঠঠোকরা, Picus xanthopygaeus.
  25. Southern Speckled Piculet, ক্ষুদে কাঠঠোকরা, Picumnus innominatus malayorum.
  26. White-browed Piculet/ Burmese Rufous Piculet, লাল ক্ষুদে কাঠঠোকরা, Sasia ochracea reichenowi.

Megalaimidae [Capitonidae : Megalaiminae]

These are heavy-billed, frugivorous green and blue birds; [Brown-headed Barbet is Megalaima zeylanica considered to be endemic in India and Sri Lanka. So its presence in the country is doubtful.]

  1. Blue-throated Barbet, বড় বসন্ত বাওড়ি (বাউরি, বৌরী), Megalaima asiatica asiatica
  2. Indian Blue-eared Barbet, সবুজাভ বসন্ত বাওড়ি, Megalaima australis cyanotis
  3. Golden-throated Barbet, সোনালিগলা বসন্ত বাওড়ি, Megalaima franklinii franklinii.
  4. Crimson-breasted Barbet, ছোট বসন্ত বাওড়ি বা ভগীরথ, Megaliama haemacephala indica.
  5. Lineated Barbet, গোরখুদ বা বেঘবৌ, Megalaima lineata hodgsoni.
  6. Assam Great Barbet, বৃহৎ বসন্ত বাওড়ি, Megalaima virens magnifica.
  7. Brown-headed Barbet, বাদামি-মাথা বাওরি, Megalaima zeylanica. endemic in India and Sri Lanka
আরো পড়ুন:  The protected fishes of Bangladesh

Order-Bucerotiformes [Coraciiformes]:

Family Bucerotidae : Hornbills

  1. Rufous-necked Hornbill, লালচে-ঘাড় ধনেশ, Aceros nipalensis.
  2. Wreathed Hornbill, Aceros undulatus
  3. Oriental Pied Hornbill/Indian Pied Hornbill, কাউ ধনেশ বা পাকড়া ধনেশ, Anthracoceros albirostris.
  4. Great Pied Hornbill, রাজ ধনেশ, Buceros bicornis homrai.
  5. Indian Grey Hornbill, পুটিয়াল ধনেশ, Ocyceros birostris. Extirpated
  6. Wreathed Hornbill, খাঁজকাটা ঠোঁট ধনেশ, Rhyticeros undulatus ticehursti.


Family Upupidae

These birds are colourful, ground-dwelling myna-sized, crested bird, ants and worms eaters, long and slender billed.

95. Burmese Hoopoe/ Eurasian Hoopoe, হুদহুদ, সুলেয়মান পাখি, হুদুদ্দু, Upupa epops.



These birds possibly the most colourful deep forest dwelling, koel-sized birds where male and female have completely different plumages.

96. Bangladeshi Trogon, লাল ট্রগন, Harpactes erythrocephalus erythrocephalus.



These  colourful country-side, forest edge preferring birds, being restricted to deep forest.

97a. Bengal or Black-billed Roller, বাংলা নীলকণ্ঠ, Coracias benghalensis affinis.

97b. Burmese Roller/Indian Roller, পাহাড়ি নীলকণ্ঠ, Coracias benghalensis benghalensis.

98. Dollarbird/Broad-billed Roller, পাহাড়ি নীলকণ্ঠ, Eurystomus orientalis cyanicollis.


Kingfishers have prolonged, straight, stout, pointed bill, dumpy body and tail shorter than bill in Alcedo and Ceyx.

  1. Bengal Small Blue Kingfisher, ছোট মাছরাঙা, Alcedo atthis bengalensis.
  2. Blyth’s Great Blue Kingfisher, ব্লাইথের ছোট মাছরাঙ্গা, Alcedo hercules.
  3. 93. Blue-eared Kingfisher, নিলাভকান ছোট মাছরাঙ্গা, Alcedo meninting coltarti.
  4. Black-backed Kingfisher, বুনো মাছরাঙ্গা, Ceyx erithaca erithaca.

Dacelonidae [Halcedinidae]:

These birds tail longer than bill, bill not compressed, culmen rounded and not grooved in Halcyon and Todirhamphus, bill compressed, culmen flattened and grooved on either side in Pelargopsis.

  1. Indian Ruddy Kingfisher/Ruddy Kingfisher, লাল মাছরাঙ্গা, Halcyon coromandra coromandra
  2. Black-capped Kingfisher, কালোটুপি মাছরাঙ্গা, Halcyon pileata.
  3. Eastern White-breasted Kingfisher, মাছরাঙ্গা, Halcyon smyrnensis perpulchra.
  4. Brown winged Stork-billed Kingfisher, বাদামি মাছরাঙ্গা, Pelargopsis amauropterus.
  5. Stork-billed Kingfisher, মেঘ হও বা গুরিয়াল, Pelargopsis capensis capensis.
  6. White-collared Kingfisher, সবুজাভ মাছরাঙ্গা, Todirhamphus chloris humii.

Cerylidae [Alcedinidae]:

These birds have bill equal or shorter than tail, pied body.

  1. East Himalayan Pied Kingfisher, পাকড়া মাছরাঙ্গা, Ceryle rudis leucomelanura.
  2. Pied Kingfisher, ফোঁটকা মাছরাঙ্গা, Megaceryle lugubris guttulata.


  1. Blue-bearded Bee-eater, বড় সুইচোরা বা পাহাড়ি সুইচোরা, Nyctyornis athertoni


These birds have long, slender, down curved bill, basically green in colour, a few with rufous and blue, bulbul-myna sized, earth bank tunnel nester.

  1. Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, পাটকিলেমাথা সুইচোরা, Merops leschenaulti leschenaulti.
  2. Indian Small Green Bee-eater, সুইচোরা বা বাঁশপাতি, Merops orientalis orientalis.
  3. Blue-tailed Bee-eater, নীল-লেজ সুইচোরা, Merops philippinus philippinus.
আরো পড়ুন:  বাংলাদেশের বিলুপ্ত স্তন্যপায়ী প্রাণীর তালিকা


Members have Ist and 4th toes backwardly directed making them zygodactyls, most are brood parasite, do not build nest but lay eggs in nests of other birds, e.g. crows, mynas, babblers, drongos, etc., so they are called brood parasites.


Almost all birds of this family are brood parasitic, not building nest on their own, laying eggs in nests build by other birds.

  1. Rufous- bellied Plaintive Cuckoo, পাপিয়া বা সরগম, Cacomantis merulinus.
  2. Grey-bellied Cuckoo/ Indian Plaintive Cuckoo, ধূসর কোকিল, Cacomantis passerinus.
  3. Banded Bay Cuckoo, বাদামি কোকিল, Cacomantis sonneratii sonneratii.
  4. Asian Emerald Cuckoo, পান্না কোকিল বা সবুজাভ কোকিল, Chrysococcyx maculatus.
  5. Violet Cuckoo, বেগুনি কোকিল, Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus xanthorhynchus.
  6. Red-winged Crested Cuckoo, লালপাখা কোকিল, Clamator coromandus.
  7. Pied Crested Cuckoo, চাতক, Clamator jacobinus serratus.
  8. Common Cuckoo/Eurasian Cuckoo, গায়ক কোকিল, Cuculus canorus.
  9. Indian Cuckoo, বউ কথাকও পাখি, Cuculus micropterus micropterus.
  10. Lesser Cuckoo/Small Cuckoo, ছোট কোকিল, Cuculus poliocephalus.
  11. Himalayan Cuckoo, হিমালয়ের কোকিল, Cuculus saturatus saturatus.
  12. Asian Koel/Asian Cuckoo, কোকিল বা কুলি, Eudynamys scolopaceus scolopaceus.
  13. Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo, হজসনের কোকিল, Hierococcyx fugax.
  14. Large Hawk Cuckoo, বড় চোখগেলো পাখি, Hierococcyx sparverioides.
  15. Common Hawk-cuckoo, চোখগেলো পাখি, Hierococcyx varius varius.
  16. Large Green-billed Malkoha, সবুজ কোকিল বা বন কোকিল, Phaenicophaeus tristis tristis.
  17. Sirkeer Malkoha, বাদামি কোকিল, Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii
  18. Indian Drongo Cuckoo, ফিঙ্গে কুলি, Surniculus lugubris dicruroides.


These birds are cuckoo-like, but usually ground-dwelling, bulkier, brownish or blackish.

  1. Bengal Coucal / Lesser Coucal, কুক্কা, Centropus bengalensis.
  2. Greater Coucal, কানাকোকা বা কানাকুয়া, Centropus sinensis intermedius.


These birds are very strong, short, hooked bill, thick and muscular tongue, greenish body, unusually long tail barring Loriculus, zygodactyls feet.

Psittacidae: parakeets and lorikeet.

  1. Vernal Hanging Parrot/Indian Lorikeet, লটকন বা লেজকাটা টিয়া, Loriculus vernalis.
  2. Indian Red-breasted Parakeet, তোতা, Psittacula alexandri fasciata.
  3. Plum-headed Parakeet, আলুবোখারা-মাথা টিয়া, Psittacula cyanocephala.
  4. Large Indian Parakeet/ Alexandrine Parakeet, বড় টিয়া, Psittacula eupatria nipalensis.
  5. Eastern Slaty-headed Parakeet, কালোমাথা টিয়া, Psittacula finschii.
  6. Northern Rose-ringed Parakeet, টিয়া, Psittacula krameri borealis. Introduced species
  7. Psittacula roseata
    1. Assam Blossom-headed Parakeet, লালমাথা টিয়া বা হীরামন, Psittacula roseata roseata.
    2. Arakan Blossom-headed Parakeet, লালমাথা টিয়া বা হীরামন, Psittacula roseata juneae.

Order Apodiformes

Apodidae: swifts and swiftlets.

  1. Himalayan Swiftlet, হিমালয়ের আবাবিল, Aerodramus brevirostris brevirostris. Rare/Accidental.
  2. Little Swift, ক্ষুদে আবাবিল, Apus affinis.
  3. House Swift, আবাবিল, Apus nipalensis.
  4. Himalayan White-rumped Swift, পার্বত্য আবাবিল, Apus pacificus leuconyx.
  5. Eastern Palm Swift, নাককাটি, তাল চড়াই বা বাতাসি, Cypsiurus balasiensis infumatus.
  6. White-throated Spinetail Swift, সাদাগলা সুচলেজ আবাবিল, Hirundapus caudacutus.
  7. White-vented Spinetail Swift, রুপালিপিঠ সুচলেজ আবাবিল, Hirundapus cochinchinensis. Rare/Accidental
  8. Broad-throated Spinetail Swift, বাদামিপিঠ সুচলেজ আবাবিল, Hirundapus giganteus indicus.
  9. Alpine Swift, পাহাড়ি আবাবিল, Tachymarptis melba nubifugus.
  10. White-rumped Spinetail Swift, ছোট পাহাড়ি আবাবিল, Zoonavena sylvatica.

Hemiprocnidae [Apodidae]: Tree Swift

152. Grey-rumped Treeswift, খোপাযুক্ত আবাবিল, Hemiprocne coronata. considered subspecies of Hemiprocne longipennis, Rare/Accidental


All nocturnal birds of prey, commonly known as owls.

Tytonidae [Strigidae]:

Facial disc large and well-developed and forwardly placed giving them nearly binocular-vision, bill much weaker than other owls of similar sizes.

  1. Oriental Bay-Owl/Sikkim Bay Owl, পাহাড়ি পেঁচা, Phodilus badius saturatus. Data Deficient in Bangladesh
  2. Barn Owl, লক্ষী পেঁচা, Tyto alba stertens.
  3. Asian/Australasian/Eastern Grass-Owl, ঘাসবনের পেঁচা, Tyto longimembris. Data Deficient in Bangladesh


Typical owls, includes both smallest and the largest species

  1. Short-eared Owl, ভ্রমণকারী পেঁচা, Asio flammeus.
  2. Northern Spotted Owlet, খোঁড়লে পেঁচা বা কোটরে পেঁচা, Athene brama indica.
  3. Bengal Great Horned Owl/ Indian Great Horned or Eagle- Owl, হুতুম পেঁচা, Bubo bengalensis.
  4. Eurasian Eagle-Owl, ইউরেশীয়  ভূতুম পেঁচা, Bubo Bubo.
  5. Dusky Horned Owl/Dusky Eagle Owl, ভূমা পেঁচা, Bubo coromandus coromandus.
  6. Spot-bellied Eagle Owl, বুনো ভূতম পেঁচা, Bubo nipalensis nipalensis.
  7. Collared Pygmy Owlet, বামন কালিপেঁচা, Glaucidium brodiei.
  8. Asian Barred Owlet, ডোরা কালিপেঁচা, Glaucidium cuculoides.
  9. Barred Jungle Owlet, ছোট কালিপেঁচা, Glaucidium radiatum radiatum.
  10. Tawny Fish-Owl, খাকি ভূতম পেঁচা, Ketupa flavipes.
  11. Buffy Fish-owl, হলদে-বাদামি ভূতম পেঁচা, Ketupa ketupu.
  12. Brown Fish-Owl, ভূতম পেঁচা, Ketupa zeylonensis leschenaultii.
  13. Burmese Brown Hawk-Owl, কূপোখ বা কাল পেঁচা, Ninox scutulata burmanica.
  14. Indian Scops-Owl, দেশি নিম্পোখ, Otus bakkamoena
  15. Burmese Scops Owl, বন্ধনীযুক্ত নিমপোখ, Otus lettia.
  16. Eastern Spotted Owl/Mountain Scops Owl, লালচে নিমপোখ, Otus spilocephalus.
  17. North Indian Scops Owl/Eurasian Scops Owl, কালোদাগওয়ালা নিমপোখ, Otus sunia.
  18. Brown Wood Owl, বনের বড় পেঁচা, Strix leptogrammica indranee.
  19. Mottled Wood-Owl, চিত্রা বড় পেঁচা Strix ocellata


Short bill very wide at base, nocturnal.

175. Hodgson’s Frogmouth, ভেকঠোঁটি রাতচরা, Batrachostomus hodgsoni hodgsoni.


176. Great Eared-Nightjar, বৃহত্তম রাতচরা, Eurostopodus macrotis


These birds are short, weak, flexible beak, gape large, nocturnal, catches insects on wings.

  1. Franklin’s Nightjar/Savanna Nightjar, ঘাসবনের রাতচরা, Caprimulgus affinis monticola.
  2. Indian Little Nightjar, ছোট রাতচরা, Caprimulgus asiaticus asiaticus.
  3. Himalayan Jungle Nightjar/ Grey Nightjar, দিনকানা, Caprimulgus jotaka.
  4. Burmese Longtailed Nightjar, ল্যাঞ্জা রাতচরা, Caprimulgus macrurus bimaculatus.
  5. Sykes’s Nightjar, সাইক্সের রাতচরা, Caprimulgus mahrattensis Rare/Accidental


These plump birds with small rounded head and swollen base to the bill, frugivorous and granivorous.


Doves, pigeons and fruit pigeons

170. Asian Emerald Dove, সবুজ ঘুঘু, Chalcophaps indica indica.

171 Blue Rock Pigeon, জালালি কবুতর, পায়রা বা কপোত, Columba livia intermedia.

172. Pale-capped Pigeon/ Purple Wood Pigeon, গোলাপি কবুতর, Columba punicea.

173. Northern Green Imperial Pigeon, ধূমকল, Ducula aenea sylvatica.

174. Mountain Imperial Pigeon, ডুকল বা ধূম কল, Ducula badia.

175. Bar-tailed Cuckoo Dove, ডোরা ঘুঘু, Macropygia unchall tusalia.

176. Indian Ring Dove/Eurasian Collared Dove, রাজ ঘুঘু বা ধবল ঘুঘু, Streptopelia decaocto decaocto.

আরো পড়ুন:  বাংলাদেশের বিলুপ্ত পাখি হচ্ছে বাংলাদেশ থেকে বিলুপ্ত হয়ে যাওয়া পাখি

177. Rufous Turtle Dove/Oriental Turtle Dove, রাম ঘুঘু, Streptopelia orientalis agricola.

178. Red Turtle Dove/Red Collared Dove, লাল ঘুঘু বা জঙ্গলা ঘুঘু, Streptopelia tranquebarica humilis.

179. Burmese Spotted Dove, তিলা ঘুঘু, Stigmatopelia chinensis tigrina. Genus replacement based on Cheke, 2005.

180. Laughing Dove/Little Brown Dove, ক্ষুদে ঘুঘু, Stigmatopelia senegalensis cambayensis.

181. Pin-tailed Green Pigeon, হরিয়াল বা হরিকল, Treron apicauda.

182. Orange-breasted Green-Pigeon, কমলাবুক হরিয়াল বা হরিকল, Treron bicinctus bicinctus.

183. Thick-billed Green-Pigeon, ঠোঁটমোটা হরিয়াল, Treron curvirostra nipalensis.

184. Bengal/Yellow-footed Green-Pigeon, বটকল বা হলুদপা হরিয়াল, Treron phoenicopterus phoenicopterus.

185. Ashy-headed Green-Pigeon/ Pompadour Green –Pigeon, ছোট হরিয়াল, Treron pompadora.

186. Wedge-tailed Green-Pigeon, চোখালেজ হরিয়াল, Treron sphenurus sphenurus.

Otididae- medium sized, medium, ground-dwelling grassland bird with three-toed feet.

187. Bengal Florican, বাংলা ডাহর, Houbaropsis bengalensis bengalensis, Extinct in Bangladesh

188. Lesser Florican, কালো-শিখর ডাহর, Sypheotides indicus. Extinct in Bangladesh

Gruidae: long-legged, long-necked and long-billed large birds but differ from storks by shorter hind toes and nostrils in long grooves.

189. Sarus Crane, সারস পাখি, Grus antigone. tallest bird of Bangladesh

190. Demoiselle Crane, ধূসর সারস, Grus virgo.

Heliornithidae: swimming water bird, keeps neck and head forward when swimming

191. Masked Finfoot, মুখোশপরা জলার পাখি, Heliopais personatus.

Rallidae: Special attention will be needed to identify all the crakes and rails in the field but coot, moorhen, watercock and waterhen may not be so difficult, crakes‟ bills short and thick, rails‟ bills long and slender, bills of others shorter and stouter.

192. Indian White-breasted Waterhen, ডাহুক বা ডাইক, Amaurornis phoenicurus phoenicurus.

193. Common Coot, কালো কুক্কুট বা জল কুক্কুট, Fulica atra.

194. Kora/Watercock, কোড়া, Gallicrex cinerea.

195. Indian Moorhen, জল মুরগি বা ডাকাব পায়রা, Gallinula chloropus indicus.

196. Indian Blue-Breasted Banded Rail, পাটকিলেমাথা রেইল, Gallirallus striatus albiventer.

197. Indian Purple Moorhen/Purple Swamphen, কালিম বা কায়েম, Porphyrio porphyrio poliocephalus.

198. Black-tailed Crake/Elwes‟s Crake, ডোরা ক্রেক, Porzana bicolor.

199. Northern Ruddy-breasted Crake, রাঙ্গা ক্রেক বা ঘুরঘুরি খায়েরি, Porzana fusca fusca.

200. Little Crake, ছোট ক্রেক, Porzana parva. occur from West Coast of India to Pakistan, not eastward in Bangladesh.

201. Spotted Crake, চিত্রা ক্রেক, Porzana porzana.

202. Eastern Baillon‟s Crake, বেইলনের ক্রেক, Porzana pusilla pusilla.

203. Slaty-legged Crake, ঘুরঘুড়ি -খায়েরী, লালচে অম্বকুক্কুট, শ্লেট-পা কুক্কুট বা বড় হালতী, Rallina eurizonoides. First found breeding in a village- Sat Siki under Fakirhat PS in Bagerhut during August 2005

204. Indian Water Rail/Eastern Water Rail, জলচরী রেইল বা অম্ব কুক্কুট, Rallus aquaticus indicus.

Order-Ciconiiformes [Charadriiformes]: an assemblage of wading birds and waders with too much of size variations.

Scolopacidae: waders with long legs, slender bills, pointed and angular wings, curlews, sandpipers, snipes, stints and allies.

205. Ruddy Turnstone, পাথারঘুরানি বাটান, Arenaria interpres.

206. Sanderling, বালুবেলার চাপাখি, Calidris alba.

207. Dunlin/ Red-backed Sandpiper, বাঁকাঠোঁট চাপাখি, Calidris alpina.

208. Red Knot/ Knot, লালচে চাপাখি, Calidris canutus.

209. Curlew Sandpiper, গুলিন্দাঠোঁটি চাপাখি, Calidris ferruginea.

210. Little Stint, বামন চাপাখি, Calidris minuta.

211. Red-necked Stint/Rufous-necked Stint, লালচেঘাড়ওয়ালা চাপাখি, Calidris ruficollis.

212. Long-toed Stint, লম্বাপায়ের-পাতাওয়ালা চাপাখি, Calidris subminuta.

213. Temminck‟s Stint, টেমিনকের চাপাখি, Calidris temminckii.

214. Great Knot/Eastern Knot, বড় চাপাখি, Calidris tenuirostris.

215. Spoonbill Sandpiper, কোদালঠোঁটি চাপাখি, Eurynorhynchus pygmeus.

216. Fantail Snipe/ Common Snipe, কাদাখোঁচা, চ্যাগা বা চেগা, Gallinago gallinago.

217. Wood Snipe, পাহাড়ি চাহা, Gallinago nemoricola.

218. Solitary Snipe, বন চাহা, Gallinago solitaria.

219. Pintail Snipe, কাদাখোঁচা বা চ্যাগা, Gallinago stenura.

220. Grey-tailed Tattler, ধূসরলেজি চাপাখি, Heteroscelus brevipes. Genus name confusion persists, Tringa* brevipes

221. Broad-billed Sandpiper, ঠোঁটমোটা চাপাখি, Limicola falcinellus falcinellus.

222. Jack Snipe, ছোট চ্যাগা, Lymnocryptes minimus.

223. Asian Dwitcher/ Snipe-billed Godwit, লম্বাঠোঁট চাহা, Limnodromus semipalmatus.

224. Eastern Black-tailed Godwit, কালোলেজ জৌরালি, Limosa limosa melanuroides.

225. Bar-tailed Godwit, ডোরালেজ জৌরালি, Limosa lapponica lapponica.

226. Eastern Curlew/Eurasian Curlew, বড় গুলিন্দা, Numenius arquata orientalis.

227. Far Eastern Curlew, বৃহত্তম গুলিন্দা, Numenius madagascariensis.

228a. Eastern Whimbrel, ছোট গুলিন্দা, Numenius phaeopus phaeopus.

228b. Eastern Whimbrel, ছোট গুলিন্দা, Numenius phaeopus variegatus.

229. Ruff and Reeve, জোয়ালা বা জিউয়ালা, Philomachus pugnax.

230. Eurasian Woodcock, বিলাতি চাহা, Scolopax rusticola.

231. Spotted Redshank, চিত্রিত পি-উ, Tringa erythropus.

232. Wood Sandpiper, তিলা চাপাখি, Tringa glareola.

233. Nordmann’s Greenshank/ Spotted Greenshank, তিলা-সবুজ চাপাখি, Tringa guttifer.

234. Common Sandpiper, চাপাখি, Actitis hypoleucos.

235. Common Greenshank, সবুজপা পি-উ বা গোতরা, Tringa nebularia.

236. Green Sandpiper, সবুজাভ চাপাখি, Tringa ochropus.

237. Marsh Sandpiper, জলার চাপাখি বা ছোট গোতরা, Tringa stagnatilis.

238. Common Redshank, লালপা পি-উ, Tringa totanus totanus.

239. Terek Sandpiper, উল্টোঠোঁটি চাপাখি, Xenus cinereu.

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